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Plantation Location No. of Plantations
Puttalam 6
Haldummulla 2
Kurunegala 1
Welikanda 1

Sri Lanka
4 Regions – 10 Plantations

APC has several plantations in Sri Lanka. Crops planted: Agarwood, Gliricidia, Maize, Root Vegetables and Teak.

Welikanda Estate: Home to teak, agarwood, gliricidia and agroforestry (mixed crops). The estate consists of an area of 740 acres in size.

Tissa Abeywaradhana – a graduate from the Sri Lankan University of Horticulture manages this productive estate. Tissa has been instrumental in the special formula used for making our own brand of organic fertiliser, which is proving to be a major success.

This estate employs upwards of 200 local workers during peak harvest times. All workers are trained and supervised by Tissa and his experienced full time team.

Kalugamuwewatta Estate: The estate employs up to 100 local workers throughout the year.

Welanhinnehena Estate: This estate is situated within the wet zone area of Sri Lanka. Its fertile soil is home to teak, rubber and soil-nutrient providing intercrops. Although located in the wet zone (as with all our Sri Lanka plantations), a purposely-designed irrigation system is present on the plantation and the crops are enriched with our own produced fertiliser.

Kalladiya Estate: This estate is home to teak and gliricidia, with the main focus being on teak.

Our forestry experts employ the latest husbandry and silviculture methods that we employ. Irrigation and organic fertiliser are essential ingredients to the wellbeing of the trees under our care. This estate will be a well-established part of our ongoing plantation management here during the coming year.

Puliyankulam Kadu Estate and Kathiran Kattu Estate: These estates truly represent the spirit and essence of the Asia Plantation Group, particularly the mixed agroforestry side of our operations.

An abundance of cash crops are grown within the expanding boundaries of these estates. The fertile soil found on these estates is ideal for mixed agroforestry plantations.

Vannathivillu Estate: The daily management of this estate is overseen by Senior Site Manager Ranjan, who holds a degree in Horticulture and has extensive forestry experience gained from a young age. This forestry estate’s main species are teak and agarwood, interplanted with gliricidia. We have introduced new products that will ultimately be donated to the workforce and their families (in keeping with our policy of assisting local communities).

Wijayapura Estate: This estate employs up to 20 local workers throughout the year and is managed by Sugath Samaraweera. Sugath has turned this estate into something of a showpiece within the APC estates division. We are particularly proud of the response from owners that have visited Sri Lanka to inspect their trees; they normally leave with several photographs and happy memories of their visit.

On this estate teak, agarwood and gliricidia are mixed with specific intercrops that provide extra nutrients to the soil and complement our own organically produced fertiliser. As with all of our estates, we are proud to be managing Wijayapura.

Morapathana Estate: This estate is located in very close proximity to the Vannathivillu Estate. Both estates are under the personal management of Mr. Ranjan Premasiri, ably assisted by assistant senior site supervisor Tennakon Maithripala. The main species on these estates are teak and agarwood, intercropped with gliricidia. These estates total close to 50 acres of APC forestry plantation and employ up to 60 persons throughout the year.