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Forestry Management Services
and Asia Plantation Capital

Asia Plantation Capital acts as a plantation operator and has over 8 million trees under management, spread across 4 continents.

Asia Plantation Capital does not provide investment advice, and recommend all parties considering ownership into long-term forestry and farming projects seek independent advice
from reputable consultants and advisors.

It is important to understand where Asia Plantation Capital sits in the forestry ownership process. To this end, we have produced a guide below:-

The Seven Steps Process
to Owning Forestry

  • Client Enquiry

    The client makes an initial enquiry via an introducer (APC does not provide
    investment advice, and recommends all parties considering ownership
    into long term forestry and farming projects seek independent advice from reputable
    consultants and advisors)

  • Due Diligence

    Client to perform due diligence (due diligence infers research and obtaining
    authorised advice) to ensure that all legal criteria are satisfied.

  • Ownership Choice

    Client to select desired forestry product of their choice, which may consist of teak,
    agarwood, bamboo or other such forestry species and agricultural crops.

  • Stock Allocation

    The introducer will contact Asia Plantation Capital, and submit a request for a certain
    amount of plantation stock to be allocated.

  • Legal Paperwork

    Asia Plantation Capital will assign the stock and issue the appropriate legal
    contracts to the client.

  • Plantation Visits

    Owners can visit their forestry assets throughout the ownership term.

  • Investment Maturity

    Upon biological maturity of the forestry product, the managing agent will harvest and process
    them into Harvested Marketable Products such as oud oil or agarwood chips/powder and sell them on
    behalf of owners, if so appointed. Alternatively, the owner may take ownership of their product